Truth About HCG Drops?

In this post I am going to reveal some secrets of HCG drops.

Have ever searched for HCG drops and landed on a website. The website happen to be run by some expert in HCG drops. They review the product as if they have used it in the past. Worst, they also provide some customer rating with stars as review.

You happily buy the HCG drop that is recommended by these people.

The first thing you have to do is look for a word ‘Disclaimer’ hidden somewhere in the site. This disclaimer will reveal the truth.

I check the disclaimer thing on all websites that recommend a certain brand of HCG drop. And I found out that these websites are just gaining commissions for what they are doing.

When you buy a product from these people, they get a commission anywhere ranging from $5 to $50. In some cases even more.

For the sake of commissions they are ready to do anything and sell anything. Most website owners don’t really care what the product really does. And they never check whether its genuine.

So, you are just buying a product which happens to give away the most commissions to its affiliates. Its the best product out there but the most sellable ones.

Remember the disclaimer part, not all of them have disclaimer, although they are legally bound to have one.

In, the end, you are not buying an effective.

How do I find an effective Product?

There are only two ways to do that

  1. Use Amazon, that is the safest way possible. Amazon has the ability to write product reviews. These product reviews are generally genuine. Yes, some people just fake reviews for their own products. However, if you take the overall rating, you are bound to get the best product out there. There is no way that one can cheat with fake reviews. Because that would be impossible. Another way to test reviews is to look for verified purchase reviews. These are reviews left by people who have purchased the product previously. Hence, you will be in safe hands.
  2. The other way is to buy from website which are reputable. In every niche or market there are few websites which have along history of say more than a couple of years, These websites are not going to ruin their reputation by promoting fake stuffs or stuffs that just get them high commissions. Even if they do get high commissions they are going to vet the entire product and do their diligent research. Therefore, find websites such as these and you will hardly run into fake products.

The Truth Behind HCG Diet

This post is going to be short and precise. I am going to reveal the real reason for weight loss behind HCG Diet.

The HCG diet has two things, the diet and the drops or injections.

The diet comprises of low calorie diet of three types, they are of 500 calorie, 800 calorie or 1200 calorie.

This is a typical example of low calorie food. Moreover, in this low calorie food you are not allowed to consume fat and sugar.

A typical person requires an average of 3500 calories per day. When you are cutting the calorie to such an extent like 500 calorie this creates a deficit in the person. This deficit is prone to create weight loss.

Supporters of the HCG diet state that HCG hormone is crucial to maintain the weight loss. It is said that the HCG hormone changes the hypothalamus, a part in the brain, that is responsible for the way we eat.

Now, when one person consumes low calorie diet along, with HCG hormone, it is said to change the way of eating.

Wile following low calorie diet and consuming the HCG hormone, the Hypothalamus is said to get re programmed. And thus the person continue to eat low calorie food even after he or she has stopped the HCG diet.

And I would also like to note a point that the HCG diet protocol runs or a month or two.

Here is a scientific fact: Whenever, a person sticks to a habit for more than a month it gets ingrained in him and that new habit gets accustomed to him.

This is the same case with HCG Diet.

The HCG hormone has nothing to do with the HCG diet. When you are sticking with the low calorie you get accustomed to it and hence carry on with the low calorie diet.

HCG hormone has no role in your weight loss.

There you have it, the most hidden secret of HCG diet.

Now, don’t go and shell your hard earned money on HCG hormone, unless you are using it to build muscle or trying to increase your testosterone. Which is a whole different thing and I will talk about it later.