Daring to Rank High Competition Sites

Anyone can put a site targeting a county none ever heard of and rank it in a month. But the real ranking of site is to get a high competitive site #1.

I know now most of you will belittle me for what I said.

Target high competition niches eh? And what never achieve top rankings?

But let me tell you something.

Which is better, to rank several easy sites and gain no authority only to lose in the next update or to rank a single site and gaining all the authority over years which remains unchanged with the algo change.

Noobs will always choose the former. They will have a lot of excuse stating they need to build confidence or need to gain some experience. Unfortunately what they don’t realize is that the type of work is similar. They only difference is the amount of work.

And if you have been ranking for a couple of years, you will realize what I am trying to say. You will understand how every time your site loses its ranking because of some stupid algo change. You will earn for something that stands the every animal update Google thinks of.

Enough said.

We are here to rank high competition niches and not to debate on whether to choose low or high competition.

The very first step in ranking a high authority site is keywords.

You need to choose keywords with maximum number of searches per month. Of course you don’t have to choose a single keyword. You can choose a group of keywords.

They must have high CPC.

Most important of all their overall searches per mont for the entire keyword group must not be less than 50k.

Thats it!

Thats all you need to know about choosing keywords to rank high competition niches.