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Phase 2 of HCG Diet

The phase 2 of HCG diet is crucial one. This is the period where you will lose weight. There are two different types of phases and you have options to choose from them. The first option is the 26 days phase and the second option is the 46 day phase. Both are the same and almost the same. And the only difference being the time period of the phase.

Which is best 26 to 46?

As I said before both are same with the only difference of time period. However, people who have undergone the 46 day phase have lost more weight than those who had used 26. Obviously the reason is because a person who undergoes the 46 day phase has to maintain his diet for a longer time. But if you are new to HCG diet then I strongly recommend that you opt for the 26 day diet. Shorter day will help your system to get adapted to the protocol. Although the weight loss will be less, you will have more confidence with shorter periods.

Which calorie diet should I choose?

You have the option to choose from 500, 800 and 1200 calorie. The lower the calorie you choose the more weight you will lose. Again, if you are new to HCG diet then I suggest the 1200 calorie per day protocol. Normal people have a calorie intake of 3000 per day. And when you suddenly drop it to 500 o 800 the body goes into a shock and result in side effects which can be dangerous. Hence, to stat on a safer side it is strongly recommended for first timers to opt for the 1200 calorie program. The next time you start again with the HCG diet you can opt for the lower amount of calories.

Can I Exercise on Phase 2?

Irrespective of the phase, you are not supposed to exercise while on the HCG diet. By exercise we mean strength training and heavy lifting. However, a walk and low paced exercises are great for boosting your metabolism and further weight loss. But be careful not to overdo your workouts.

Where to Buy HCG Drops?

You need to buy HCG drops from HCG Triumph. Because they are only retailers selling Pure HCG drops. If you have some brands in mind then please look into their supplement facts within label. And note for HCG ingredient. If you don’t see any HCG mentioned in the ingredient then skip the brand. it is probably fake.

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