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What Makes HCG Drops Real and Legit

HCG is the hormone produced by the female body during pregnancy for the development of the fetus. The fats in the female body are reserved and are diverted to the fetus from the mother’s body during the first three months of pregnancy. HCG diet is different from other diet procedures because it boosts the metabolism of the human body and does not reduce excess fats. The HCG hormone raises the energy levels of the body and also reduces the hunger. During other diet programs, the body reduces the metabolism to preserve the fats stored in the body. The HCG hormone is available by prescription and the homeopathic drops do not contain the real HCG hormone in it.

  1. Contents in the HCG drops

The HCG is produced in the female body when the egg is fertilized and implanted. There are tests conducted for the presence of HCG during pregnancy because some cancer cells contain the hormone. The hormone is produced by the pituitary gland. The HCG is glycoprotein which is composed of 237 amino acid strands. The molecular weight of the hormone is 36.7. The outer layer of the amino acids is hydrophilic. The ingredient named astragalus is mainly used as a weight loss supplement.

  1. What Does HCG Drops Do?

The HCG hormone boosts the body to produce more hormones. The HCG helps the adrenal glands to produce hormones of higher levels. The reasons for weight gain can be hypothyroidism or even menopausal which leads to hormonal deficiency or imbalance. The hormone testosterone is produced by men and women both get affected because of HCG use. The testosterone produced by the adrenal glands drops, which can cause reduction of sex drives, but the use of HCG can boost the hormone. The user gets satisfied with the small amount of food consumption due to the hormone because the HCG reduces the appetite in the blood. The use of HCG is recommended by the doctors for weight loss due to its effects.

  1. How to Choose Real HCG Drops

There are many homeopathic drops in the market and online which claim to contain HCG but they don’t. So here is a question how to choose the real HCG drops? Before starting with the plan you need to choose the right product for yourself. Buying HCG from the US-based companies is the first step you need to take. Do not buy anything cheap which you are not aware of. The pharmaceutical grade HCG is the purest kind of HCG. The HCG you buy should be non-homeopathic. Visit HCG Police to find reviews of HCG Drops. You may regain the weight, which you lose with the help of placebo effect very soon.

  1. Real HCG effects

The real HCG drops purchased from a legit producer can reduce your weight effectively. The diet for the HCG plan should be followed, which lasts for one month. The body gets trained for burning fat even if you discontinue the use of HCG the body continues to burn the extra fats. The HCG weight loss method is very affordable compared to the other diet programs. Before starting the HCG diet you should consult your physician to ensure that you are in the proper physical condition to start the diet.

Sticking strictly to the diet and using the real HCG drops will surely give you a success in losing the excessive fats of the body. The HCG drops are proving highly effective in the weight loss with no severe side effects which make the use of the drops real and legit.